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Medialis Wellbeing

Medialis Wellbeing CIC is a registered community interest company limited by guarantee. We re-invest 100% of our surplus to create more wellbeing opportunities.

We advocate for physical activity and help people address ambivalent behaviour towards their health & wellbeing. We want to provide opportunities for people to be physically active within their communities.

We are responsible for delivering health & wellbeing, and leisure initiatives to young people, adults living with long-term health conditions and older adults experiencing loneliness.

Our current services are:

  • We CAN – Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation

  • Walk and Talk health events

  • Youth Basketball

Our work is based in Hertfordshire, where we work collaboratively with voluntary and community sector organisations, local authorities, and public health sector organisations.

Locally we are working according to Sport England’s Uniting the Movement strategy, focusing on the following:

  • Connecting with health and wellbeing

  • Connecting communities

  • Positive experiences for children and young people

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